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Wild Berry Backflow Cone Incense Kit | Wizard | 50pc

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Wizard Backflow Cone Incense Kit 🧙‍♂️

  • 50 cones in 2 bags
  • Smoke cascades downwards
  • Sweet and spicy blend
  • Display jar & fragrance label
  • POP signage download
  • Relax and indulge
  • Perfect for home or retail
  • Mystical aromatic experience

Transport yourself to a magical realm with our enchanting incense kit.

Step into a mystical world of aromatic bliss with the Wild Berry Backflow Cone Incense Kit in Wizard scent. Featuring a unique cone shape, this incense creates a mesmerizing effect as the smoke cascades downwards, transporting you to a magical realm. The 50 piece kit includes two bags of backflow incense, each containing 25 cones of the Wizard fragrance, a display jar, a matching fragrance label, and even a downloadable POP signage to showcase your new favorite scent.

The enchanting aroma of the Wizard scent is a blend of sweet and spicy notes that will awaken your senses and help you relax after a long day. The backflow cones are designed to enhance the experience by creating a mesmerizing waterfall effect that will leave you in awe. The kit's display jar and matching fragrance label make it the perfect addition to your home decor, while the included POP signage makes it a great option for retail stores.

Indulge in the mystical experience of the Wild Berry Backflow Cone Incense Kit in Wizard scent and let the aroma take you on a journey of relaxation and wonder.



Wild Berry




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