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CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are one of the most popular ways to enhance your wellness by using CBD. Besides the relaxing and calming benefits of CBD, we supply tinctures with a variety of other benefits. CBD oil tinctures are among the most popular ways to consume CBD. Besides the enjoyable ritual of holding a delicious CBD oil drop under your tongue, our tinctures offer a wide range of advantages, from daily wellbeing to chill vibes to a good night's sleep. We've also added mushroom blends to our CBD oil selection, as well as THC concentrations that are as close to the maximum legal limit as possible. Here you'll find the highest-strength tincture for you!

Daily Wellbeing CBD tinctures for daily wellbeing
Chill Vibes Relaxing & calming CBD
Good Sleep Tinctures for a good night's sleep

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