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Discover why DANKGEEK is the Best Online Headshop

I stumbled upon DankGeek by accident, and what a happy accident it was! Their glass is next level, and the customer service is stellar. Big up!

Miguel R.

LA, California

Never thought I'd find a headshop like this online. DankGeek has a huge op-tier collection. Impressed every time I order. Keep it up!

Jake T.

Ohio, United States

Simple and straightforward. DankGeek is the best! Ordered thrice, and they've nailed it every single time. Can't wait for my next purchase!

Nina A.

Texas, United States

Origins in Glassblowing

We started over 20 years ago with borosilicate glass blowing.

Now we're bringing our experience online to curate the best smoking gear with best customer service.

About Us

We are...BOLD
We are edgy and daring, pushing boundaries of what an online smokeshop can be. 

The DankGeek team is a collaboration of enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We know how to deliver happy stoniness to our customers because there is no “I” or “them”, just US and WE. We live the life and it shows through everything that we do.

We offer the best service and connect our peers to affordable, beautiful, functional, and unique 420-lifestyle products that stimulate the imagination and enhance our lives.

We are a community of like-minded 420 enthusiasts and create an inclusive atmosphere where people aren’t afraid to let their Dank Geek flag fly.


From lame to fame, geeks have gained immense recognition and respect in recent years. A few geeks we all know are: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and the late Steve Jobs. Besides being billionaires, they all shared a passion and obsession for computers and programming.  Nowadays, geeks are no longer associated with only computers. Wether you consider yourself a Gaming Geek, Fashion Geek, Food Geek, Nature Geek, Gadget Geek, or any other kind of Geek. Geeks may be different from one another, but like Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates, and Musk, we all share one thing in common: passion and obsession.

We are Dank Geeks!

The DankGeek team is a collaboration of enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Since our inception in 2008, our core mission has been to offer the best service and connect our peers to affordable, beautiful, functional, and unique 420-products that stimulate the imagination and enhance our lives. We are growing and are always looking for new products to add to our collection. We love to support local artists that let our customers guide our growth. Tell us how to improve!

Exhale Happiness!

We are passionate about the community. Our commitment, as fellow enthusiasts, is to serve the community by providing the best products, at the best prices, delivered with the best customer service. Our team takes great pride in providing our customers with nothing short of a "DANK!" experience.  We offer FREE Shipping on all domestic orders and all of our products come with a Price Match guarantee.

Let DankGeek show you how we are delivering happiness to our customers!

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