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Toadstool House Dab Rig | Magical 7.5" | 14mm F

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Step into a magical world 🧚‍♂️

  • 7.5" borosilicate glass rig
  • Disc percolator for smooth hits
  • Hand-molded toadstool house design
  • 14mm male quartz banger included
  • Colors vary, each piece unique 🎨
  • Cottagecore/fantasy-themed collection piece 🍄

Enter a whimsical world of dabbing with our Toadstool House Rig! 🌟🍄

Step into a magical world with the Toadstool House Dab Rig! This 7.5 inch (19.1cm) tall borosilicate glass dab rig is fitted with a disc percolator that delivers smooth and flavorful hits every time. But what really sets this water pipe apart is its enchanting design - a hand-molded acrylic resin toadstool house with a friendly frog perched on top.

With its vibrant colors and whimsical details, this dab rig is the perfect addition to any cottagecore or fantasy-themed collection. The included 14mm male quartz banger ensures you'll be able to enjoy your favorite concentrates right out of the box. And with colors that vary, each Toadstool House Dab Rig is truly one-of-a-kind.

Indulge your inner child and bring a touch of magic to your next sesh with the Toadstool House Dab Rig. 🍄🐸



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