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Skunk Brand Shredder Grinder

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🔥Smooth & Effortless Grinding with Skunk Brand Shredder Grinder🔥

  • Metal grinder w/magnetic closure
  • Sharp shredding teeth
  • Grip-textured exterior
  • Includes carrying pouch
  • 2 sizes: 2Pc (55mm) & 4Pc (63mm)
  • Storage compartment & pollen chamber
Size: 4 Piece | 63mm

Smooth & Effortless Grinding with Skunk Brand

Introducing the Skunk Brand Shredder Grinder, the perfect accessory for all your smoking needs. This grinder is designed to make your herb grinding experience smooth and effortless. With sharp shredding teeth and a grip-textured exterior, it shreds through herb like butter. Plus, it features a magnetic closure so your herbs stay securely in the grinder.

The Skunk Brand Shredder Grinder comes in two sizes: 2 Piece (55mm) & 4 Piece (63mm). The 4 Piece grinder is perfect for those who value convenience, as it comes with dropdown holes, a storage compartment, as well as a pollen chamber with an included scraping tool. The 2 Piece grinder is slim and easy to carry anywhere you go.

For those who want a trusted name in smoking accessories, the Skunk Brand Shredder Grinder is the perfect choice. With its sharp shredding teeth and grip-textured exterior, you can be sure that your herb grinding experience will be effortless and smooth. Plus, it comes with a carrying pouch, making it easy to take your grinder with you wherever you go. So don't miss out, get your Skunk Brand Shredder Grinder today! 🔥

2 - 3 Inches


2 Piece

2 Piece

4 Piece



Sharp shredding teeth - Grip-textured exterior - Magnetic closure - 4 Piece grinder comes with dropdown holes - storage compartment - and pollen chamber with scraping tool

Care Instructions

Clean with small brush or toothbrush after each use - soak in rubbing alcohol for deep clean - avoid using soap or harsh chemicals


2.3 x 2.3 x 1.6



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