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Pulsar Terp Slurper Diamond Point Bottom Banger

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$ 41.99
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🔥 Get the Most Out of Your Sesh with Pulsar's Terp Slurper Diamond Point Bottom Banger 🔥

  • 💨 Maximize Flavor & Efficiency 💨
  • 🔥 100% Quartz Material 🔥
  • 🔑 15mm Opening 🔑
  • 🌀 Unique Terp Slurp Design 🌀
  • 💎 Diamond Point Bottom 💎
  • 🔌 14.5mm Male Joint 🔌
  • 🔗 45 & 90 Degree Joint Angles 🔗
Title: 90 Degree

Maximize your seshes with the Pulsar Terp Slurper!

This Pulsar Terp Slurper Diamond Point Bottom Banger is the perfect choice for dabbers who want to get the most out of their seshes. This banger is made of 100% quartz and features a unique design that creates a vortex of spiraling air to thoroughly vaporize your wax or shatter. The diamond point bottom helps retain heat longer so your hits are longer and smoother.

The banger is 60mm high and has a 20mm outer diameter and a 15mm inner diameter. It has a 14.5mm male joint that's available in both 45 and 90 degree joint angles. Pick the joint angle that matches up with your 14.5mm female-jointed rig and get more dabbing satisfaction from your seshes.

This banger is designed to provide maximum flavor and efficiency for your wax or shatter. With its unique terp slurp design and diamond point bottom, this banger allows you to get the most out of your dabbing experience. Get more out of your seshes with this Pulsar Terp Slurper Diamond Point Bottom Banger! 💨

100% Quartz



Male Joint

45 or 90 Degree

Joint Angle

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