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Pulsar Recycler Water Pipe

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Smooth & Efficient Smoking with the Pulsar Recycler Water Pipe 🤩

  • -Smooth & Efficient Smoking 🤩
  • -8" Tall
  • -14mm F Joint
  • -2 Recycler Lines
  • -Showerhead Perc
  • -Glass Herb Slide 🍃
  • -Varying Colors 🎨

Smooth Rips with Style - Pulsar Recycler

If you're looking for a smooth and efficient smoking experience, then this 8-inch tall Pulsar Recycler Water Pipe is the perfect choice! With a cool hourglass shape, this water pipe is designed to take the heat and harshness out of your rips and deliver nothing but delicious smoothness.

The smoke travels through the fixed downstem where it's diffused and filtered by the showerhead perc. It then travels upward through the 2 Recycler tubes to your awaiting lips on the flared mouthpiece. This Recycler rig features a 14.5 mm female groundless joint and comes with a matching glass herb slide with a convenient handle.

This pipe really pops with its matching color accents on the Recycler tubes and mouthpiece. It ships in varying colors, so you can choose the one that suits your style. Order yours today and experience the smoothness only a high-quality Recycler rig can deliver! 🤩


Joint Angle



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