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Pulsar Hidden Gems Dab Rig

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🤩 Shine Bright with Pulsar's Hidden Gems Dab Rig! 🤩

  • Shine Bright w/ Pulsar's Hidden Gems! 🤩
  • 9.75" tall, 14mm female oil rig
  • Fixed downstem diffuser & vortex perc
  • Gem cut perc beads & 14mm male quartz banger
  • Angled mouthpiece & thick round base
  • Colors vary 🌈

Discover Hidden Gems with Pulsar's Dab Rig!

The Hidden Gems Dab Rig from Pulsar is the perfect addition to any smoke sesh! This 9.75-inch tall thick-necked rig is made from quality boro glass and features a 14.5mm female joint, a stylishly curved fixed downstem diffuser, and a vortex perc. The included gem-shaped perc beads break up and cool the smoke even more for increased enjoyment. The rig also comes with a 14.5mm male quartz banger with a 18mm inner chamber diameter and a 22mm outer diameter. The thick round base ensures extra security so it won’t wobble or tip over when placed on a surface. 🤩

The Hidden Gems Rig is available in various colors, depending on availability. The angled mouthpiece makes it easy and comfortable to enjoy your favorite herbs or concentrates. 🤗 Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced dabber, this rig is sure to make a great addition to your collection. 🤩


Female Joint


Joint Angle

Borosilicate Glass




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