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MAV Glass Reversal Wig Wag White And Blue Slitted Pyramid Beaker Freezable Coil System

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$ 470.00
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🔥MAV Glass Reversal Wig Wag🔥

  • 💨Smooth hits w/ freezable glycerin coil💨
  • 🔹16" tall beaker base🔹
  • 🔹Slitted pyramid perc🔹
  • 🔹Uniquely designed 3D cap🔹
  • 🔹19mm joint & bowl included🔹
  • 🔹Keck clip for easy cleaning🔹
  • 🔹2 tone color design🔹
  • 🔹Heady & Specialty🔹

Take your smoking experience to the next level with MAV Glass Reversal Wig Wag!

Looking for a way to take your smoking experience to the next level? Look no further than the MAV Glass Reversal Wig Wag! This beauty is for the advanced glass collector, or just anyone who loves going above and beyond to ensure only the best experience with their favorite flower or concentrate! The special design keeps your hits cool and less harsh on the throat to maximize enjoyment. The glycerin keeps from freezing, allowing you to have your piece ready to load up a great hit anytime! The pyramid perc at the bottom base diffuses the smoke to further filter your hit to maximize enjoyment delivered from this advanced smoking apparatus. Whether you're a pro or just looking to take your game up a notch, the MAV Glass Reversal Wig Wag is the perfect addition to your collection!

  • Removable Freezable Glycerin Coil Neck 
  • 16" Tall
  • Beaker Base 
  • Slitted Pyramid Percolator 
  • MAV logo 
  • Keck Clip 
  • 19mm Joint (Bowl Included) 
  • Uniquely Designed Tough 3D Cap 

3D Cap

Glycerin Coil


16 inches

Joint Size


Keck Clip


Slitted Pyramid

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