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Smoke in Style with Marley Natural Taster

Pocket-sized and discreet, the Smoked Glass Taster is crafted from handblown borosilicate glass. Its solid mouthpiece offers weight and intuitive balance. The Taster’s deep bowl holds enough for multiple draws, and an ash-catch keeps sessions smooth until cashed.


  • Handblown Borosilicate Glass
  • Pocket-Sized Design
  • Solid Mouthpiece
  • Deep Bowl
  • Ash Catcher
  • Dimensions: 4.53" L x 3.15" W x 2.56" D

Borosilicate Glass


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
It’s the third one I buy.

I really liked the first one I got a year ago. The two after came with a shorter bowl and just different. The first one I bought had a little dent on the side as well that helped it not to roll off the table. But the two after that didn’t, I thought it was a mistake on the second one but this last one I got is the same way. Maybe they redo the design of it? I still like it.

Best little piece

I was looking for something cute, easy to clean and with the right herb capacity. This is the best smoking tool ever. I've never been so good at keeping my things clean and this little guy is super easy to maintain clean. I use iy daily now and clean it after each use. I wish I knew what case I can buy to protect it.

nice draw

Well i gave it five stars because it is nicely made smoke real well and you you get no ash and resin coming out the draw side and cleans well with a bristle for daily use. A great value.

Aliza W.
Best ever

My husband loves it. We bought the little wooden case for it too. Its compact. The pipe is light. Easy pull. Design is great. Easy to clean. His friend accidently broke his and we had to buy another one ot was too good not to have anymore. Would consider getting more products.

Robert B.
Tough Glass & Handy Smoke

I like the new taster better than the original because it doesn't have the wooden mouthpiece which, unfortunately, causes the end to snap off if you drop it. It also fits inside the "COOL" protective holder that was made for the original taster and best of all, the bowl holds more.

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