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King Palm Mini Hand Rolled Leaf - 8 Pack

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🔥Roll Your Own with King Palm Mini Hand Rolled Leaf!🔥

  • 8 Pack of 25 Mini Leaves Each
  • Natural Cordia Leaf From Singapore
  • 0.8 Gram Capacity Per Leaf
  • Corn Husk Filter for Bigger Draws
  • 62% Boveda Pack for Freshness

Roll your own smokes with King Palm Mini Hand Rolled Leaf - 8 Pack for bigger, smoother draws!

Introducing the King Palm Mini Hand Rolled Leaf! This 8-pack of natural leaf wraps is perfect for those who enjoy rolling their own smokes. Each bag contains 25 mini leaves, with a capacity of around 0.8 grams. The leaves are handpicked and purified, then hand-rolled into a perfect shape. Plus, you get an installed natural corn husk filter to prevent waste and deliver smoother draws. 💨

These wraps are made with a Cordia leaf, which originates in Singapore and has been used for smoking for centuries. To ensure the freshness of the leaf without the use of artificial preservatives, each package also comes with a 72% Boveda pack.

The King Palm Mini Hand Rolled Leaf is the perfect choice for those who want to roll their own smokes with natural materials. Get your 8-pack today and enjoy bigger, smoother draws with every puff. 🔥

0.8 Gram


Leaf Capacity

0.8 Grams

Leaf Material

Cordia Leaf

Leaf Quantity

25 Mini Rolls Per Pack

Pack Quantity

8 Pack

Preservation Method

72% Boveda pack

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