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Smooth Hits with a Disc-ussion Piece

The GRAV® Large Straight Base with Disc Water Pipe with Black Accents is sure to be a disc-ussion piece when you display it in your home. This tall tube features a honeycomb disc that forces water and smoke through lots of tight restrictions, removing tar and debris and keeping your massive hits smooth. The Large Straight Base with Disc includes a geometric pinch that doubles as a splash guard and an ice catcher. This piece also comes with a 14mm GRAV® funnel bowl, and works best with about 2" of water. The water pipe's clear glass with black accents and impressive height will look great no matter where you show it off, and your friends will be even more impressed after a hit or two.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Logan L
Great Piece!

I really love this piece, the black accents are really what make it so nice. I love this piece so much I got it twice. Unfortunately I've also broken both now, that shouldn't be a main concern though this is a very hefty for having colored glass. I once made a plan to buy this whole website and I'm slowly making it a reality. Don't sleep on GRAV!!!

Katy M
Best Bong Ever

have had mine for a couple years now. thick, quality glass. easy to clean. smokes like a champ. 10/10

Bryan W
Wow, Really Impressed with Grav

Ordered this bongo and a steamroller. Didn't pay for express shipping or anything, but shipment came cross country in three days. Packed like a sardine with all of the dunnage in there, Grav really didn't skimp in making sure the glass arrived in one piece. And it did! So stoked. Ready to use out of the box.

And this thing hits smooth with the built-in disc. Probably gonna go and order an ash c... Read more

Brandon R

Excellent bong

Hana H
Great Pipe

Amazing product. Well constructed.

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