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GRAV Stax Coil Showerhead Base

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Introducing the GRAV Stax Coil Showerhead Base! This showerhead base is perfect for anyone who wants to take their shower experience to the next level. The STAX Coil Showerhead Base is 7" tall and made on 65mm tubing. The base's central perc cools smoke as it travels through the coil before diffusing the smoke through the internal showerhead downstem. The showerhead base comes with a 14mm STAX Funnel Bowl and can accommodate any STAX percolator or mouthpiece. This base works best with approximately 3" of water. So why wait? Order your GRAV Stax Coil Showerhead Base today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ian K
Good but restrictive

I have this base, a halo perc, and a helix top. This piece is really well made and is definitely a durable piece of equipment but I find that mine has a bit too much of a restrictive flow. I have to suck harder than I typically like to clear my hit. It seems like the restriction is where the coil starts and the downstem ends because there is a sharp kink there. I liked my standard base I used to have way back in 2012.

Mike N

Just received my STAX. Being in Canada a bit of a challenge to organize but…. right out of the box the product is far more than expected. Looks great, the pieces feel substantial and nicely made and of course they work! Assembled they look amazing, are sturdy and of course they work! The collection is so well done it needs to be seen……and of course they work!

Chris C
Smooth for days

Super smooth and cool to watch. Def recommend an ash catcher if you like to keep your glass pristine clean. All around a great piece.

Justin C.
Broke week after use

Wouldn't recommend super small and thin stem easily breaks when trying to take out bowls or nails

Seth H

This base pared with the tree perc and angled mouthpiece make an amazing combo extreme suction and water filtration

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