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Grab a GRAV and Chill!

Introducing the GRAV Beaker With Geometric Ice Pinch! This water pipe is made of thick 32mm borosilicate glass and features a fixed downstem with 14mm female joint. The classic beaker bottom now features a geometric ice pinch that serves two functions. It provides an easy grip handle and allows you to stack ice! This pipe stands 8.5'' tall and comes in decal colors may vary. So don't wait any longer, add the GRAV Beaker With Geometric Ice Pinch to your collection today!

  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Geometric Ice Pinch
  • Fixed Downstem
  • 32mm Thick Glass
  • 8.5'' Tall



Glass Thickness




Ice Pinch


Joint Size

14mm Female

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Bradley M.
Great piece overall. Small nit picks

I’ve been using this piece for nearly a year now and it’s still holding strong. I did drop the bowl and it broke first time. Perfect size bowl! I’ve found that crushed ice works best with the small ice catcher. Thick quality glass. Don’t rip it too hard, if you build too much smoke it may taste stale due to minimal space.

Kate Q.
Enjoying it so much :)

Enjoying it so much :)

Kyle R.
Broken Downstem

All around a great piece except for the fixed down stem. Never really experienced those types properly til’ dropping it and watching the down stem break off with no hopes of how to fix it. I’ve had it since June and just broke it yesterday. Would not recommend regarding the price; much rather prefer just a regular replaceable down stem.

Nathan R.
Its ok

GRAV labs makes some quality stuff. This is a nicely sized bong and the glass is decently thick. The major downside to this piece is the fixed downstem. It makes cleaning a laborious task. I can't even get 50% of the residue out because of that stupid fixed stem.

Jason M.
I bought this bong a

I bought this bong a few months back and fell in love with it immediately. Everything about this thing is beautiful, well crafted and intelligently designed. The glass is heavy and thick without being cumbersome. The colored highlights found on the base and at the month piece (mine are black) are subtle and elegant. This is a piece to show off without being show-y. Outside of the ice chamber, which awesomely doubles as a thumb grip, there are no weird or out of place design elements to speak of. Aesthetically this is a science beaker impersonating a bong, or a bong impersonating a science beaker. Nothing more, nothing less. No worries though, by the time you slide the bowl piece up and out to clear the bong you wont remember what/why you were disappointed in in the first place. Because there is nothing there to be disappointed over.

One other note worth mentioning, this thing is bottom heavy and the base is flat. You will be hard pressed to accidentally knock this thing over next time you're stoned.

What are you even waiting for anymore? Buy this thing now!

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