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Glass Leaf Handle Water Pipe Bong

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Enjoy Smooth, Water-Filtered Hits with the Leaf Handle Water Pipe!

  • Enjoy Smooth Hits with the Leaf Handle Water Pipe! 💨
  • 8.5"/14mm Female Glass Water Pipe
  • Fixed Downstem to Showerhead Perc
  • Colorful Glass Accents & Leaf Handles
  • Matching Glass Herb Slide Included
  • Durable Design & Highest Quality Materials 💪

Experience smooth, refreshing hits with the Leaf Handle Water Pipe!

This stunning 8.5-inch glass water pipe is the perfect way to enjoy smooth, water-filtered hits of your favorite herbal strains. With its beautifully-crafted green leaf handles, this pipe is sure to become your favorite piece in no time. Crafted from uncommonly thick glass, this pipe is sturdy and durable, and will last you for many enjoyable sessions.

The Leaf Handle Water Pipe features a fixed downstem and showerhead percolator to provide you with cool, smooth, and refreshing hits. The leaf handles on this pipe are securely attached, so picking up the pipe and passing it feels safe and natural. With its colorful glass accents and a matching glass herb slide (included), this pipe is truly a work of art.

Form, function, and durability are all hallmarks of this water pipe. Whether you want to expand your glass collection or simply enjoy your herbs with a stand-out piece, the Leaf Handle Water Pipe is sure to bring you many enjoyable and memorable sessions. 🤩



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