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Fully Worked Wig Wag Dab Straw

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🔥 Take Your Dabbing to the Next Level! 🔥

  • Fully Worked Wig Wag Dab Straw
  • 4" Long (5.5" w/ Tip)
  • 10mm Male Tip
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Wig Wag Color Design
  • Quartz/Titanium Tips
  • Colors Vary
  • Built-in Roll Stop
Title: Quartz Tip

Experience the Next Level of Dabbing with Our Fully Worked Wig Wag Dab Straw

This fully worked wig wag dab straw is the perfect addition to any dabbing setup. Made from durable borosilicate glass, this dab straw is intricately designed and features a stunning wig wag color design. It also has exterior marble “feet” so it can lay on the table without rolling or putting the hot tip in contact with any surface. For added convenience, each dab straw also comes with a 10 mm quartz or titanium tip and joint clip. Measuring 4 inches in length (5.5 inches with the tip inserted), this dab straw is perfect for those who want to take their dabbing experience to the next level. 🔥



Borosilicate Glass


Titanium or Quartz


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