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Blast off with Diamond Glass' UFO Recycler!

This amazing recycler by Diamond Glass will blast you off into space! Featuring two inline percolators, the first is located in the base chamber to start percolation, the second chamber features another inline perc to diffuse your vapor or smoke to perfection. The mouth piece is extra large to give you a massive hit and it's flower bowl is the biggest bowl we have seen! This piece is definitely not for those looking to take wimpy small hits. Made by Diamond Glass in SoCal.

Currently only available with RED accents on rings

  • American Made Glass
  • Double Inline Perc
  • recycler
  • 8'' Inches Tall
  • 14mm Male Joint



Joint Size

14mm Male

Made in





4-5 stars

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Haley P.
UFO Recycler

When ordering this piece I assumed it would be packed and shipped, arriving looking identical to images for this piece of glass online. The one I received first came broken into two pieces, although they were very very quick and helpful with the return info, I simply had to send an email to the facility including pictures of the broken piece. At that time they determine whether to have you return it as they will be able to fix it easily, or they have you keep it and send you out another one of the same pieces with $0 charge. I did not like that both times I received this piece it was not completely clear as shown online. Every ring has an auburn/red color. Which fortunately I do not mind but I would prefer it to have been clear which is what I thought I ordered. When the second piece arrived shortly within two days after my phone call and email it was a fresh new piece looked just as the first one except not damaged. I was not happy with the fact that the second piece did not have any diamond glass logos on it, seeming the first one did I was very disappointed as those labels do matter to some. Overall great company and customer service but you can't always expect the piece to come looking the same as to be online.

How to fill with water

Someone please explain to me how to fill this bad girl with water so that all chambers are in use...

Joseph K.
It's a beautiful piece. Although

It's a beautiful piece. Although the piece I received was not exactly like pictured on the website, I really like its looks. The piece is configured exactly as shown, however the piece I received does not have the Diamond Glass brandings as on the photo. What the piece does have, though, is cinnamon colored highlights on each of the rings. Classy.

It works better than expected in that the recycler provides a smooth draw. I say draw as there is little room in the piece for stacking - not a big ripping piece. So for my tastes, I like having more of a smoking pipe in my collection. Great price for a piece this detailed and classy.

The description says it has the biggest flower bowl they ever seen. I concur with that assessment. The flower bowl, has an inside diameter of 1 inch and a depth of 1.125 inches. 9 stacked quarters (that's 25 cent coins, not ounces) fit in this bowl. It holds more than 2.5 teaspoons of ground material. The hole in the bottom of the bowl is 5/32 inch and a screen would be needed for most materials. I choose not to use the supplied bowl and used one of my other smaller female bowls.

All in all I am very glad I purchased this and it will be a regular in my rotation.

connor buckles

Dank piece. Danker price

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