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Diamond Glass Mini Recycler: So-Cal Style, Big Hits!

This dab rig is stout in stature but delivers big hits! This highly functional recycler by Diamond Glass features a fixed diffused downstem perc to diffuse your choice of smoke. The exceptional recycling function will diffuse your smoke or vapor to perfection. Featuring a 14mm female joint and your choice of Smoke or Teal glass color. Stands 5'' inches tall and made in So-Cal by Diamond Glass using the finest borosilicate glass.

  • Made in So-Cal
  • recycler
  • Fixed Diffused Downstem
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Tobacco Bowl included
  • 5'' Inches Tall
  • Gold Decal


5'' Inches

Joint Size

14mm Female

Made In



Fixed Diffused Downstem

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
David D.
Great service! Fast and secured

Great service! Fast and secured shipping. Great quality items

Christopher M.
You sent me the wrong

You sent me the wrong color.

Linda L.
Best rig ever

Best rig ever

Samantha Z.
Hmm I am iffy on

Hmm I am iffy on this piece! It's a beautiful color but so tiny! I was expecting a small rig but this is like really really small. But you wouldn't want to travel around with it so it's not really a travel piece either. It you want to hangout and chill and smoke this isn't the piece. If you want to take a could quick hits then this will do.
It's hits decently, not super fat but not super weak. Just in the middle.
The color and logo is very nice, that is why I chose this piece. But my roommate makes fun that the mouthpiece looks a bit like a guys you know haha. But I think it's cool, but it's a bit delicate even though the glass is thick. It still sticks out in places and and the twists and swirls, I just wouldn't recommend travelling with this unless you are really good at keeping your stuff nice and you have a case.
The function like I said is not really for traveling or for heavy smoking sessions, just quick hits but Yaa not a terrible piece just could be an inch or so bigger

Eric T.
genies lamp

This is my new favorite mini rig. The recycler function works
flawlessly! I got the pink version and it's absolutely stunning.
It's so freaking adorable!! I call it my little genies lamp :)

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