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Small Size, Big Impact - Diamond Glass Mini Beaker Pendants

Don't be fooled by their size, these Mini Beaker Pendants are highly functional and extremely portable! Take it on the go or add your favorite chain to create a unique pendant! Hand Made in the USA by Diamond Glass! 

  • American Made Glass
  • 10mm Male Joint
  • Pendant Loop
  • Pink, Black or White Color


Color Options

Pink - Black - White


Highly functional and portable


Hand Made in the USA by Diamond Glass!

Joint Size

10mm Male


American-made glass



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sky S.
Came with air bubble/crack

Saw what looks like either air bubble or crack in it even before I got to use it :(

miroslav conka
Awesome little rig!

After thoroughly "testing" this rig i have to say it's a very solid piece to add to any collection. When i recieved it i was surprised by how small it was, standing at just over 3" tall and i honestly have to say i completely underestimated it. After some bho medication the first thing i noticed was the flavor! Gorilla glue #4 & beard bros tasted absolutely amazing, unlike any rig i've medicated from.
Some pros and cons

- small and versatile, very easy to hit and go
- nail cools very fast after hit, being touchable after 15-20 seconds
- Flavor is just wow.
- This thing will sit you down into a almost paralytic euphoric state if you underestimate it (personal experience talking)
- the downstem is glass welded to the base
- pendant loop is very secure
- printing on the side is very well done
- thick construction, survived a 4 foot drop already
- very good, quick, discreet packaging. recieved within 5 days to canada which was fantastic
- Definitely a discussion piece, as i find everywhere i go people tend to ask about it and seem excited to try it!

- if you are used to a hard pull, this may affect you as you only need about 20 - 30 ml of water to get this thing pulling at peak performance. Though if you do enjoy a harder pull you can always add less water to avoid the dreaded water - lip touch.
- the nail provided definitely serves its purpose but if you prefer larger globs of medication i'd suggest picking up a domeless. Ideally a titanium or quartz as i find the ceramic i purchased takes much too long to heat and losses heat just as quickly.
- if you are using the provided nail you might find it somewhat difficult to see where the hot nail is, after a little practice this becomes almost secondary but it's something to consider.

Overall i enjoy this piece and do not regret purchasing it, i love it and i guarantee anyone will love the taste this little thing produces, very potent hits put me on the edge of a bad trip which i can honestly say i never expected but was glad to know was possible, i thought id barely feel anything ha. Shout out to Ashley for the awesome packaging and personalised note, I even recieved a small silk free of charge! You can't go wrong with this piece wheter its your primary or just on the go, looks good, feels good, rips good! Even if you choose a different piece this is a very good buisness to associate yourselft with! Very happy with the product, and more importantly the customer service. Will definitely be back!

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