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Carved Marble Stone Pipe - 8 Pack

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🔥 8 Pack of Carved Marble Stone Pipes 🔥

  • Perfect for on-the-go smoking! 💨
  • Durable & compact marble stone 🧱
  • Fits in pocket or purse 🤝
  • Assorted cuts & designs 🎨
  • Color & design vary 🎨
  • Approx. 3.25" long 📏
  • Great smoking experience 💨

Smoke in Style with 8-Pack of Carved Marble Stone Pipes!

Introducing Carved Marble Stone Pipes - an 8-pack of pocket-friendly pipes that are perfect for on-the-go smoking! These pipes measure approximately 3.25 inches long, making them easy to store and transport. The 8-pack also comes with a variety of styles and designs, so there's something for everyone!

These pipes are made of durable marble stone, so they'll last through all your smoking adventures. And with their sleek and stylish designs, they're sure to make a statement. So whether you're taking a quick puff or enjoying a full session, these pipes are sure to provide a great smoking experience! 💨

Don't miss out on this 8-pack of Carved Marble Stone Pipes! With their pocket-friendly size and unique designs, they're sure to become a must-have for your smoking needs. Pick up your set today and start enjoying the perfect on-the-go smoking experience!

8 Piece


Marble Stone


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