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Elevate your smoking experience with AFM's Pump Recycler

AFM The Pump Recycler - 8" This AFM pump Recycler is the perfect piece for any smoker looking to upgrade their smoking experience. With a stemless joint, flared mouthpiece and direct inject joint, the AFM pump Recycler delivers a powerful and flavorful hit every time. The inline perc head and color base and mouthpiece make this pump Recycler a standout in any smokers collection. With a height of 8" and a height from base to mouthpiece of 5.5", this AFM pump Recycler is sure to become a favorite in no time.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Darius L.

One of the smoothest hits ive ever had. The pull has almost no chug to it, but it rips fucking amazingly.

Casey H.

I use it for flower. Just clean it daily and it’s all good. It absolutely shreds and because of the function it has virtually no splash back, so LET ER RIP.

Jantzen C.

Thing hammers like a beast, love the recycling and the overclocked water level, things an absolute beast. Shreds like shredward.

Jeff W.

Mine was slightly damaged during shipping at no fault of AFM. When I contacted them, they sent a new one out almost right away with literally zero questions asked once I sent a photo. This rig is super sturdy, with an amazing design that gives the smoothest hit out of any rig I own. The inner can surrounding the inline perc is something you’ve got to try! It’s different but somehow more satisfying than any other recycler I’ve tried. Love my AFM GLASS!

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