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Experiment with style with AFM's Icebreaker Beaker Set!

AFM is back with another must-have product for all you science nerds out there! This icebreaker beaker set is perfect for any aspiring chemist or biohacker looking to experiment with some cool new compounds. Made with 9mm thick glass, these beakers are perfect for containing your brews and keeping them safe from outside interference. The downstem color & big dot bowl included are perfect for adding a little extra pizazz to your drinks. Plus, the slide joint is compatible with 14mm female joints, so you can easily connect this set up to any other AFM products you may have. The three ice pinches on the beaker base are perfect for keeping your drinks cold while you experiment. Plus, the height to top of mouthpiece is perfect for any aspiring bartender out there. The beaker base diameter is 6", making it perfect for any standard sized table. And the colors may vary, so feel free to experiment and find your favorite! So whether you're a chemistry whiz or just looking for a fun new way to spruce up your cocktails, this icebreaker beaker set is for you!

Beaker Base


Bowl Type

Big Dot

Downstem Color


Glass Thickness


Ice Pinches


Slide Joint


Customer Reviews

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Rusty K.

Great little piece for quick huge rips. Shockingly smooth for its size

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