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Experience the power of the AFM The Drain Incycler Double Color - 10

AFM The Drain Incycler Double Color - 10" Introducing the AFM The Drain Incycler Double Color - 10"! This incredible piece is perfect for those who are looking to up their smoking game. With a drop stemless design, bent neck, and shower perc, this piece is sure to deliver a powerful and enjoyable smoking experience. The recycler connection ensures that your smoke is recycled and filtered, while the direct inject joint ensures that your hits are big and powerful. The double color mix gives you the ability to choose between two different shades, while the included bowl ensures that you always have a place to store your herbs. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, the AFM The Drain Incycler Double Color - 10" is the perfect addition to your collection. So don't wait any longer, add this incredible piece to your cart today!


Female Joint


Joint Angle



Thick Boro Glass


Customer Reviews

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Joshua C.

Smoothest recycler I have. You can put a 1 gram dab and this thing will eat it up no problem. This is going to be retiring the sky Kline recycler I have. The quality is unmatched at this price point. Just buy it and start blowing big clouds.

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