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TERPOMETER are pioneers of the temperature-controlled, Analog Dabbing™ experience.  “THE TERPOMETER” revolutionized  710 culture as the first industry-specific thermometer. Designed for Quartz, titanium, or ceramic the TERPOMETER will provide a perfect and consistent experience. 

  • 🔎

    Precision Heating

    Accurate temperature for dabs

  • 🍫

    Enhanced Experience

    Boosts the flavor of terpenes

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    Easy Usage

    Simple design, user-friendly

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Questions about Terpometer

What is the Terpometer?

The Terpometer is a revolutionary product designed for the 710 culture. It's the first industry-specific thermometer, designed to provide a perfect and consistent dabbing experience. It's compatible with Quartz, titanium, or ceramic.

How does the Terpometer work?

The Terpometer works by accurately measuring the temperature of your dabbing surface. This ensures you get the perfect temperature for your dab every time, leading to a better, more consistent experience.

Is the Terpometer compatible with all types of dabbing surfaces?

Yes, the Terpometer is designed to work with Quartz, titanium, or ceramic dabbing surfaces. It's versatile and perfect for any dabbing enthusiast.

Why should I use a Terpometer?

Using a Terpometer ensures that you're dabbing at the optimal temperature every time. This can greatly enhance your experience, as too high or too low temperatures can affect the flavor and potency of your dab.

Is the Terpometer easy to use?

Absolutely! The Terpometer is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Simply place it on your dabbing surface to get an accurate temperature reading.

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