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Quartz Qlean

Quartz Qlean is an Ethanol Alcohol that is an eco-friendly and renewable alternative to isopropyl.  While Isopropyl is made from fossil fuels (the cause of most negative environmental production), Ethanol is a naturally produced renewable resource. It's even been said it could reduce emissions by 30%.

  • 🌍

    Eco-friendly Cleaning

    Ethanol over Isopropyl

  • 🌱

    Renewable Resource

    Naturally produced

  • 🌬️

    Reduce Emissions

    Cut emissions by 30%

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Questions about Quartz Qlean

What is Quartz Qlean?

Quartz Qlean is an Ethanol Alcohol-based cleaning solution. It's an eco-friendly and renewable alternative to isopropyl, which is typically made from fossil fuels. Quartz Qlean is a naturally produced renewable resource, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

How does Quartz Qlean help reduce emissions?

Quartz Qlean is made from Ethanol, a naturally produced renewable resource. Unlike isopropyl, which is made from fossil fuels, Ethanol production can potentially reduce emissions by up to 30%. This makes it a more sustainable choice for cleaning your cannabis accessories.

How do I use Quartz Qlean to clean my cannabis accessories?

To clean your cannabis accessories with Quartz Qlean, apply a small amount of the solution to the item you wish to clean. Rub gently to remove any residue, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Always ensure your accessories are completely dry before using them again.

Is Quartz Qlean safe to use on all types of cannabis accessories?

Yes, Quartz Qlean is safe to use on all types of cannabis accessories. However, it's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's instructions for your specific accessory to ensure you're using the most appropriate cleaning method.

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