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Integra Boost

Integra BOOST 2-way humidity control packs offer a simple, safe, and effective way to balancing the environment your products need to thrive.

Available in a multitude of size options and at two distinct relative humidity levels, Integra BOOST can help in rehydrating herbal medicine and keeping cigars fresh to protect pantry items from rot and mold.  

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    Superior Humidity Control

    Balance your product's environment

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    Versatile Size Options

    Fits all storage needs

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    Prevents Rot and Mold

    Keep your items fresh

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Questions about Integra Boost

What is Integra Boost?

Integra BOOST is a line of 2-way humidity control packs. They are designed to create a balanced environment that is ideal for storing various products, including herbal medicine, cigars, and pantry items. They help in rehydrating dried herbs and keeping cigars fresh, as well as protecting pantry items from rot and mold.

How does Integra Boost work?

Integra BOOST works by either releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to maintain a specific relative humidity level inside your storage container. This 2-way humidity control system ensures that your products stay at their optimal freshness.

What sizes do Integra Boost packs come in?

Integra BOOST packs are available in a multitude of size options to cater to different storage needs. You can choose the size that best fits your storage container or the amount of product you wish to preserve.

What are the two distinct relative humidity levels of Integra Boost?

Integra BOOST packs come in two distinct relative humidity levels. The specific levels are not mentioned in the collection details, but typically, these packs come in 55% and 62% RH levels. The right level for you depends on what you're storing and your personal preference.

Are Integra Boost packs safe to use?

Yes, Integra BOOST packs are safe to use. They are made from food-grade materials and are FDA-compliant. They don't contain any harmful chemicals and are safe to use with food, herbal medicine, cigars, and other products.

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