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Grunge Off

Grunge Off advanced cleaning technology ensures optimum results in optimal time. Their exclusive formula cuts through residue quickly to get you that sparkling clean result.


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    Easy Clean Solution

    Effortless pipe maintenance!

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    Preserves Glass Quality

    Keeps your pieces looking new!

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    Fast-Acting Formula

    Quick and efficient cleaning!

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Questions about Grunge Off

What makes Grunge Off different from other cleaning products?

Grunge Off uses advanced cleaning technology that is specifically designed to cut through residue quickly. This ensures optimum results in minimal time, giving your accessories a sparkling clean finish.

How often should I use Grunge Off products?

The frequency of usage depends on how often you use your accessories. However, for optimal results and to maintain cleanliness, we recommend using Grunge Off products after every few uses of your accessories.

Are Grunge Off products safe for all types of accessories?

Yes, Grunge Off products are designed to be safe for all types of cannabis accessories. However, we recommend reading the product description and instructions to ensure it's suitable for your specific accessory.

Can Grunge Off products damage my accessories?

No, Grunge Off products are designed to clean your accessories without causing any damage. They are gentle yet effective, ensuring your accessories remain in top condition.

Where can I purchase Grunge Off products?

You can purchase Grunge Off products from our online store, DankGeek. We offer a variety of their products, all designed to keep your cannabis accessories clean and ready for use.

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What if I don't like my purchase?

We offer refunds on unused products (unfortunately we can't access a return if the product is already been used - for compliance reasons).

Refunds are processed within 7 days from when we receive the item(s).

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