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Gorilla Press

Quan Ong, founder of Gorilla Press wants people to know that cold-pressed juices are a good alternative to other beverages. With hopes to transform the juice culture in Singapore, he wants more people to say, “Hey, let’s grab a juice!

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Questions about Gorilla Press

Who is the founder of Gorilla Press?

Gorilla Press was founded by Quan Ong. He started the brand with the aim of promoting cold-pressed juices as a healthier alternative to other beverages.

What is the goal of Gorilla Press?

Gorilla Press aims to transform the juice culture in Singapore. The goal is to encourage more people to opt for healthier beverage choices, like saying, 'Hey, let's grab a juice!' instead of other less healthy options.

What makes Gorilla Press juices different?

Gorilla Press juices are cold-pressed, a method that helps retain the nutrients and flavors of the fruits and vegetables used. This makes them a healthier and tastier alternative to many other beverages.

Are Gorilla Press juices available internationally?

Currently, Gorilla Press is focused on transforming the juice culture in Singapore. Information about international availability is not provided at this time.

Are Gorilla Press juices suitable for all ages?

Yes, Gorilla Press juices are a great beverage choice for all ages. They are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, making them a healthy and delicious option for everyone.

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