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Glob Mops

Glop Mops are hard to beat and without them, you can have leftover oil residue, oxidation, or those annoying cotton fibers left by other interferer Q-Tips. Glob Mops help prevent oxidation if you use them after each dab. By using a Glob, you avoid chazzing up that special banger!

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    Superior Cleaning Power

    Banish leftover oil residue

  • 🚫

    Prevents Oxidation

    No more chazzed bangers

  • 👋

    Ditch the Fibers

    Say goodbye to cotton fluff

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Questions about Glob Mops

What are Glob Mops?

Glob Mops are a type of cleaning accessory specifically designed for dabbing equipment. They help in removing leftover oil residue, oxidation, and unwanted cotton fibers that can be left by other cleaning methods.

Why should I use Glob Mops instead of regular Q-Tips?

Regular Q-Tips often leave behind cotton fibers and may not effectively remove all oil residues. Glob Mops, on the other hand, are designed to prevent these issues, providing a more thorough clean.

How do Glob Mops prevent oxidation?

By using a Glob Mop after each dab, you effectively remove oil residue that can react with the air and cause oxidation. This helps to maintain the quality and longevity of your dabbing equipment.

What does 'chazzing up' mean and how do Glob Mops prevent it?

'Chazzing up' refers to the damage and discoloration that can occur to your banger from repeated use and inadequate cleaning. Glob Mops help prevent this by ensuring all residue is removed after each dab.

How often should I use Glob Mops?

For optimal results, it's recommended to use Glob Mops after each dab. This will ensure your equipment stays clean and functions at its best.

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