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High-end quartz dab accessories at a reasonable price. Glasshouse delivers the latest dabbing accessories with unique and functional designs. From terp-slurpers, and bangers, to a wide selection of terp-tools for all your dabbing needs.

The Glass House quartz bangers are made up of a single piece of quartz. Heat up your concentrates at the right temp and deliver perfect vapor through filtered through your water pipe. GlassHouse provides full weld and premium quality quartz for all your dabbing experience.

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    Innovative Design

    Unique, diverse offerings

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    High Quality Glass

    Custom glass services

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    Clever & Loopy

    For the creative mind

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Questions about Glasshouse

What type of products does Glasshouse offer?

Glasshouse offers a wide variety of products, ranging from a 2021 South African dystopian thriller film, to a full-service custom glass provider, to a preeminent private event space of NYC, to an extremely clever and loopy novel.

What makes Glasshouse unique?

Glasshouse is known for its unique and diverse offerings, which range from a thrilling movie about a family surviving The Shred, to custom glass services for residential and commercial clients, to a private event space, to a far future of travel by teleportation. The brand is also known for its cleverness and loopy ideas, making it a favorite among many.

Does Glasshouse provide custom glass services?

Yes, Glasshouse provides full-service custom glass services for residential and commercial clients.

Does Glasshouse offer a private event space?

Yes, Glasshouse offers a preeminent private event space of NYC.

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