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Eco Four Twenty

We believe in high quality products. The ultimate portable personal air filter. Allows you to filter odor and reduce second hand-smoke upon exhale.

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    Odorless Experience

    Enjoy smoke without the smell

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    Portable and Personal

    Take it anywhere, anytime

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    Eco-Friendly Choice

    Reduce second-hand smoke

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Questions about Eco Four Twenty

What is the Eco Four Twenty collection?

The Eco Four Twenty collection includes a range of high-quality, portable personal air filters. These products are designed to filter odor and reduce second-hand smoke upon exhale, making them perfect for discreet use.

How does the Eco Four Twenty air filter work?

The Eco Four Twenty air filter works by filtering the smoke you exhale. When you blow smoke into the filter, it passes through an activated charcoal filter which absorbs the smoke and odor, releasing clean air.

Is the Eco Four Twenty air filter reusable?

Yes, the Eco Four Twenty air filters are reusable. However, the activated charcoal filter will need to be replaced after a certain number of uses. Replacement filters can be purchased separately.

How often do I need to replace the filter in my Eco Four Twenty air filter?

The frequency of filter replacement in your Eco Four Twenty air filter depends on your usage. However, under normal usage conditions, the filter should be replaced every 2-3 months for optimal performance.

Can I use the Eco Four Twenty air filter with any type of smoke?

Yes, the Eco Four Twenty air filter is designed to work with any type of smoke. However, it is particularly effective with cannabis smoke, helping to reduce odor and second-hand smoke.

Is the Eco Four Twenty air filter easy to clean?

Yes, the Eco Four Twenty air filter is easy to clean. Simply remove the used filter, clean the inside of the device with a dry cloth, and insert a new filter. Always ensure the device is dry before use.

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