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The Ultimate Guide to Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates | Dank Geek

The Ultimate Guide to Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

Positive Facts About Using Drugs

In life, people go through pain and feel things that put them in a place that affects their day. Sometimes people ask themselves "how can I support my pain?" Or "what can I do to feel better?" This world provides a few solutions like finding a hobby, talking to a professional or a loved one about your pain, and you can use drugs. 

Once people hear about drugs they probably immediately think about negative things. People have to realize that drugs are not negative when used right. We all have to use drugs positively. Some people forget that doctors prescribe drugs that have helped many and saved plenty of lives. 

Cannabis Useful Features

One drug that is medicine but people do not acknowledge as such, is cannabis. In reality, this drug is a substance that is actually given to patients fighting huge diseases like cancer. Some people have to ask themselves if this substance is so bad why do doctors give it to patients who need the top treatments. Not to mention, the ones who use this substance while they have cancer have also survived.

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug. A psychoactive drug is used to purposefully improve performance. This shows that cannabis is a substance that is used to heal physically and mentally when used right. Yes, if this substance is abused then it will affect individuals in ways that they would never think it would. The main component of this substance is THC. THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is one of the many compounds that this plant has. Cannabis can be used in different forms like smoking, vaporize, or in food. In this article, we will be focusing on dabbing which is a way that marijuana is used. 

The Art of Dabbing

According to Webster's dictionary, dabbing is when the act of heating a sticky oil or wax of concentrated THC extracted from cannabis and inhaling the vapors. This style of taking marijuana is not a new way but the name dab is a new saying. When people hear dab they possibly automatically think that dabbing is vaping but that is not the case. The difference between dabbing and vaping is the state that the marijuana is taken. Yes, it is that simple when you're vaping the marijuana is in flower form or is in liquid form as an oil.

On the other hand, dabbing is usually done with wax or oil depending on the producer. Neither of these ways is a way to smoke these substances. This technique of taking marijuana is a natural way of intake weed. This style provides you with the highest amount of marijuana natural estate of the THC. Everyone always wants the best of the best in things. So dabbing is the top-of-the-line method in consuming cannabis overall. The substance that is used to dab is super sticky; it looks and feels like honey. 

Dabbling Correctly

The question that people will ask is that this method is safe. This method is safer because it is a cleaner and healthier way to intake the substance but, just like everything, do your research before intaking the substance to make sure that your body can take this substance. The process involves heating an implement that is named nail. The heat will combust a thick and potent cannabis extract and inhale it through a pipe of some kind. In this process, you are not burning plant matter. This temperature is much higher than what is used in vapes, the things that you inhale will naturally include minor combustion artifacts. Once you inhale the substance it will be way stronger than vape.

This process has to be taken seriously so negative things do not happen. People have to make sure they have the proper substance and clean material. If the substance is made right then the consumer is guaranteed its benefits. If you are going through pain and anxiety, this method will provide you with the fastest and most effective relief.

People who have glaucoma can use this method to get healing. Glaucoma is when a person begins to lose sight. The major cannabis concentrate is THC. This is what makes this method the most natural and effective because it is not filled with CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is the second active ingredient in marijuana. If your substance has more CBD then it is not natural. When taking marijuana this way, you have to be careful especially for beginners who have bodies that they are not used to. 

Tips for "Dabbers"

With everything, it is great to understand what not to do. While Dabbing for the first time you should avoid overheating the nail, overloading the nail, hitting the dab too hard, burning yourself, dropping your concentrate, dropping the rig, moving too slowly, and swallowing vapor. When a person overheats the nail they would cause the concentrate to combust. You have to make sure that the nail should be hot before applying the concentrate and once that occurs make sure you don’t add too much of the substance. Yes, you can adjust to the substance but you should never try to hit the dab too hard because this substance can cause damage. All beginners must be able to obtain the correct knowledge so they can get the most of the substance. Just like all other substances you have to be careful with intake of this. 

You have to ask your doctor if your body can take in this substance. In addition, you have to understand that no matter what you can obtain a bad patch of this drug. Do not abuse this substance because you can get addicted. The side effects can be major to others for example a rapid heartbeat, blackouts, crawling sensations on the skin, and loss of consciousness can occur. Be careful and do not put the substance at a high temperature because it can expose users to elevated levels of toxins including carcinogenic compounds. Everything that is written for beginners can be taken by a person that has been using this substance because it is best to always remember what to do to protect your health and life.

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