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The Corona Virus Survival Guide for Stoners

The Corona Virus Survival Guide for Stoners

The corona virus has shaken the world with it's rapid spread across the globe in the past month and with the growing concern of infection it has affected the daily lives of nearly everyone on this planet.

But it is not all doom and gloom if we can all take preventative measures to protect ourselves, friends, and loved ones from the virus.

Here are a few tips that every smoker can implement to help stop the spread, decrease your risk of infection, and a few general tips to help you get through unscathed.

  1. Clean the mouthpiece of your bong and handpipe after every use.

Those nasty viruses can live on surfaces for up to 90 hours! Lysol wipe the mouthpiece to kill and sanitize it. This will also leave your piece smelling nice when you or your friend use it again. No one wants to smoke out of a smelly dirty bong or pipe. 

  1. Heat up the mouthpiece of the bong, joint, blunt, or handpipe first if you are sharing it.

Smoking is at many times a social experience. We all love to pass around blunts and bongs when we are together enjoying our favorite smoke. Heat up the mouthpiece of the hand pipe, bong, or the butt of the joint/blunt first before bringing to your mouth. Use the lighter and put the flame to the mouthpiece for a few seconds to kill any potential viruses or contaminants that may be on the surface.

  1. Make Edibles or Teas

Lets face it, inhaling any kind of smoke or vapor is not healthy for your lungs in the long run. If you are concerned about the health of your lungs and don't want to compromise your lungs ability to fight off a viral infection then making edibles or teas would be the next best thing to smoking. There are thousands of recipes for edibles that you can find with a quick Google search. Baking and then getting baked is always fun!

  1. Stock Up On Your Favorite Munchies Early

If the virus does start to spread without signs of slowing down you can bet your local supermarket, 7-11, and Costcos are going to get hammered with people trying to buy the essentials. Your favorite munchies may sell out quickly and you may not be able to buy them for days or even weeks if the supply chain gets disrupted. In this event, stock up on some of your favorite munchies (and don't forget other essentials like lighters, papers, booze) early as you would want to decrease the amount of times you need to go out for supplies to mitigate exposure.

  1. If you take a huge rip or dab and need to cough, please cover your cough.

We all know that one person who loves to take huge rips or dabs and then proceeds to cough their lungs out. If you are that person or know someone, it would be best to cover your cough as a courtesy to others.

  1. Limit Your Travel Plans

If things do get really bad then any kind of travel would be far too dangerous. Instead, you can get really stoned and travel to your destination of choice through Youtube, Netflix, Prime or perhaps to another dimension if you get super stoned enough! Edibles may help with this!

  1. CBD to boost your Immune System?

It is widely seen in research that CBD is effective in treating autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis but can it help boost your immune health? There is speculation among researches that support this claim. The underlying mechanism is still not fully understood but researchers are pointing out that it may have to do how the immune systems becomes more "alert" under the influence of CBD. As the saying goes, the best offense is defensive!

Note: Do not use CBD products without first consulting with your doctor. Make sure to always do thorough research on your own and use CBD under your own judgment. We make no outward claims or guarantees that it will be effective or therapeutic for you and your condition, regardless of data that’s available in scientific studies.

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