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#7 in Handheld Vaporizers

Yocan Evolve-D Plus Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer

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$ 52.99
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Yocan Evolve-D Plus Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer! 🌿

  • 1100mAh battery
  • Dual coil spiral atomizer
  • Extra large heating chamber
  • 10-second auto-shut off
  • Built-in storage container
  • Dual function mouthpiece
  • Made for dry herbs
  • Portable and discreet
  • Order yours today! 😎
Title: Black

Powerful & Discreet: Yocan Evolve-D Plus

Introducing the Yocan Evolve-D Plus Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer: the perfect companion for those who are looking for a discreet, powerful and stylish vaping experience! This pen-style vaporizer is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet packs a punch with its 1100mAh battery and large dual coil heating chamber.

The Evolve-D Plus has a big heating chamber that allows you to load more herbs inside so you spend more time vaping and less time loading. There’s even a built-in storage jar on board you can fill with extra stash in case you need it - perfect for those long and luxurious vaping sessions.

The dual-coil spiral atomizer with 12 wraps of coil helps to improve heating and produces better vapor. Plus, you don't need to worry about the hassle of cleaning ash from the atomizer - the dual function mouthpiece doubles as a handy tool to clean ash from the atomizer. When you press the mouthpiece down, your draws will be even and smooth. Pushing it out clears the leftover ash without any cleaning hassle whatsoever.

The Evolve-D Plus offers a 15-second continuous heat mode, making it the ideal vaporizer for dry herb enjoyment. It also has a 10-second auto-shut off feature for added convenience and safety. The sleek and stylish Evolve-D Plus measures 4.94” long by 0.74” wide, so it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

If you’re looking for a sharp-looking, powerful dry herb vaporizer that’s small enough to tuck in your pocket to avert prying eyes, the Yocan Evolve-D Plus is an excellent choice. Pick your favorite color from the multiple options and order yours today - you won't be disappointed! 🤩


Battery Capacity

15 Seconds

Continous Heat

4.94" x 0.74"


Dual Coil

Heating Element

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not a real vaporizer

When this thing actually decides to work, you're basically just smoking a bowl.

Also it has a bad habit of only burning the very center of your packed flower, and the heating coil gets clogged with ashes after only a few uses. Steer clear.

Chinyarn W.
Love it!!

It is so discrete and discrete.

Chinyarn W.
Love it!!

It is so discrete and discrete.

Chinyarn W.
Love it!!

It is so discrete and discrete.

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