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Smoke sesh made easy with The Kind Pen's Tri-Level Grinder

The Aluminum Tri-Level Grinder by The Kind Pen: A Must-Have for Every Herb Enthusiast

Prepping for a smoke sesh has never been easier with the Aluminum Tri-Level Grinder by The Kind Pen. This 4-piece grinder is a sturdy unit with razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth that shred through your dry herbs with ease, giving you the perfect consistency every time.

The grinder's magnetic top features the iconic The Kind Pen logo, ensuring you get a stylish and branded accessory for your herb collection. The fixed mesh screen sifts the tiny particles of herb into the pollen chamber below, allowing you to collect all that dusty goodness whenever you want using the included pollen scraper tool.

Perfectly sized for travel, you can take this little grinder wherever you go so you can quickly prep a smoke sesh. Its compact and durable design makes it easy to fit in your backpack or bag. The Aluminum Tri-Level Grinder is made of high-quality aluminum, making it lightweight and built to last.

The Aluminum Tri-Level Grinder is available in two color options: Gun Metal and Silver. Choose the one that best suits your style and preference. Its medium size, 1.5" height, and 2" width make it easy to use and store.

Get your hands on The Aluminum Tri-Level Grinder by The Kind Pen today and experience the convenience and quality of this must-have herb accessory.

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4 Piece




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product

We’ll made, good looking grinder that works great.
Very comfortable in my hand and gives a uniform grind with a few twists.
A quality product at a very reasonable price.

Brendon C.
Cuts through anything!

Not really one to break down nugs but so far this grinder has cut through every stem and bud I've thrown at it

Bryce P.

Grinds real good

David m.
This is the one to have

So much better than a 2 level. Haven't used it enough to get any pollen in the lower chamber yet but this is the way to go. Works great and you can store a little grind in the second chamber.

Mike H.
Very satisfying experience

Was easy to track i was notified when and where it was delivered everything came in looking great w a nice candy to aid the cotton mouth.will def return for more products

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