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The Kind Pen: Slim and Smart Handheld Wax Vape

Used with wax in particular, the "Slim" Wax Vape Pen utilizes an atomizer with dual ceramic rods and titanium coils. Both rods and coils sit inside of a ceramic heating chamber. Known for heating up more gradually than quartz, this ceramic material produces more flavorful vapor and also uses up the wax more slowly. One of the primary benefits of having a ceramic heating chamber is that you can re-vaporize any excess wax. Any concentrate not directly vaporized by the coils will drop down to the ceramic chamber. While this chamber does thoroughly vaporize wax, it will also accumulate some left-overs. The advantage of this is that the remaining wax can be collected and re-vaporized. Apart from the ceramic composition of the atomizer, another integral technological feature of the Slim Wax Vaporizer Pen is its 5-click power-on and shutoff. Click the pen button 5 times in a row to turn the pen on and off. This ensures that the device will not unintentionally power up or down. Additionally, two accessories are included with the "Slim" Wax Pen: a USB charger and packing tool.

  • The Kind Pen concentrate Vaporizer
  • Atomizer: Dual Ceramic Rods w/ Titanium Coils
  • Black Matte Finish
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Compatible w/ Specifically Wax
  • Includes Packing Tool
  • Includes USB Charger
  • The "Slim" Handheld Wax Vape by The Kind Pen
  • Turns On and Off w/ 5 Consecutive Clicks
  • direct draw Vaporizer
  • analog Vaporizer


Dual Ceramic Rods w/ Titanium Coils




Black Matte

Heating Chamber



Direct Draw



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Evan H.

Nice and concealable

Lawrence H.
Decent item but bad customer service from Dank Geek

The battery and cartridge work okay. If you use wax that is goopy like Vaseline it will probably melt and get up into the top of the tip and clog the air passage. Works better with dryer product. When I first got the pen I thought it was broken. I would charge it up and nothing would happen when I press the button. I contacted dankgeek at least four times and never heard back from them at all. I was about to give them a call when I realized that it was my mistake. You have to click the button five times to turn it on otherwise it doesn't work. Relieved that I don't have to deal with dankgeek. Kind Pen customer service is much better but if you're looking for a store that will be there and follow up on your order you might want to look elsewhere

Craig P.
Slim wax pen

Ok for its price. Gets clogged easily. But when it works,it can really rip.


I got this because the description said it could be used for concentrates but that is not true. this is only for liquids. I havent tried using any liquids with it so i dont want to give it one star. however the gripand kmouth piece are very comfortable and it is indeed Deseret.

Great so far

Haven't tried them yet but they look great excited to try as soon as i get some wax!

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