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Sage & Stone Chakra Energy Kit

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Unlock the Power of Earth w/ Sage & Stone Chakra Energy Kit 🌿

  • Cedar Sage Smudge Stick w/ Chakra Color Petals
  • Clear Negative Energy w/ Palo Santo Stick
  • Direct Energy w/ Selenite Crystal Wand
  • Amplify Power w/ Quartz Point Stone 💎

Unlock the power of the Earth with Sage & Stone

Welcome to the world of chakra energy! With our Sage & Stone Chakra Energy Kit, you can align your chakras and connect with the power of the Earth.

This kit includes a cedar sage smudge stick with chakra color petals, a Palo Santo stick, and a Selenite crystal wand and quartz point stone.

Cedar sage smudge stick – the cedar sage smudge stick is perfect for creating a safe space and inviting positive energy. The chakra color petals add an extra layer of spiritual power.

Palo Santo stick – this fragrant wood is used to clear negative energy and invite in peace and harmony.

Selenite crystal wand & quartz point stone – use the Selenite crystal wand to direct energy and the quartz point stone to amplify its power.

With our Sage & Stone Chakra Energy Kit, you can unlock the power of the Earth and create a sacred space. 🌿


Promotes Balance and Harmony within Chakras

Care Instructions

Extinguish Smudge Stick and Palo Santo Stick Completely - Store in Dry and Cool Place - Cleanse and Charge Selenite Crystal Wand and Quartz Point Stone Regularly


7.15 x 4.4 x 1.5


Cedar Sage Smudge Stick - Palo Santo Stick - Selenite Crystal Wand - Quartz Point Stone

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