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Pulsar Swiss Diffuser Vapor Straw - 10"

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Pulsar Swiss Diffuser Vapor Straw - 10"

  • 10" long
  • Scientific-grade glass
  • Swiss diffuser
  • Dab with ease and durability
  • Perfect for wax and oil vaporizers
  • AFG offers one-stop shopping

Elevate your dab game with the ultimate Swiss diffuser vapor straw.

Introducing the Pulsar Swiss Diffuser Vapor Straw - 10" - the ultimate tool for all your dabbing needs! Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this dab straw is built to last and can handle even the highest temperatures. Measuring at 10 inches long, this Swiss diffuser dab straw is perfect for those who want a smooth and satisfying hit every time.

With its unique Swiss diffuser design, this vapor straw offers exceptional airflow and diffusion, allowing you to experience the full flavor and potency of your favorite concentrates. Simply heat the tip and dab away! Its compact size makes it great for on-the-go use, so you can enjoy your favorite concentrates wherever you go.

Upgrade your dab game with the Pulsar Swiss Diffuser Vapor Straw - 10". Don't forget to check out our selection of premium torch lighters, silicone containers, wax and oil vaporizers, and world-class dab rigs to elevate your smoking experience. Order now and get ready to experience the ultimate dabbing experience!


Wax - Oil - Shatter - Crumble


Swiss Diffuser




10 inches


Easy to clean

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