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Pulsar Straight Zebrawood Dugout - Twist Top

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Take the Pulsar Straight Zebrawood Dugout on your next adventure! 🚗

  • Take the Pulsar Straight Zebrawood Dugout on your next adventure! 🚗
  • 4" tall Zebrawood dugout
  • Twist top lid
  • Spring loaded taster bat chamber
  • Taster bat included
  • Poker tool included
  • Perfect for road trips & backpacks 🎒

Smoke discreetly on the go with the Pulsar Straight Zebrawood Dugout!

Introducing the Pulsar Straight Zebrawood Dugout – the perfect companion for quick and discreet smoking sessions on the go! This 4-inch tall dugout is made from real zebrawood, laser-engraved with the Pulsar logo and features a twist top lid.

The taster bat chamber is spring loaded, so all you have to do is open the twist top, remove the bat and press and twist it into your ground herb in the storage chamber. When you're done, just pull the bat out, light the end and take your puff! The taster bat is disguised to look like a normal, everyday filtered cigarette, so no one will be suspicious about what you're doing.

The Pulsar Straight Zebrawood Dugout also comes with a poker tool for clearing the bowl between uses. Whether you're on the road or just heading out the door, this dugout is the perfect solution for smoking on the go. 🚗


Spring-loaded taster bat chamber


4 inches tall

Poker Tool

Included for clearing the bowl


Perfect for on-the-go smoking sessions

Taster Bat

Disguised as a filtered cigarette



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imtyaz d.
Excellent as promised

Excellent as promised

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