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Pulsar Mini Chug Recycler with Cap

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Enjoy Smooth Hits Anywhere with the Pulsar Mini Chug Recycler! 🤩

  • Enjoy Smooth Hits Anywhere with the Pulsar Mini Chug Recycler! 🤩
  • 4.75" tall & fits in backpack/bag
  • 14mm female joint & circ perc
  • Recycler pipe design & matching carb cap
  • Includes quartz banger & ruby terp pearl
  • Made from borosilicate glass & colors vary

Smooth, Satisfying Hits with the Mini Chug Recycler

Introducing the Mini Chug Recycler with Cap from Pulsar! This handy little rig is perfect for on-the-go smoking and looks great with its clear glass bottom and matching color accents. The Mini Chug stands just 4.75 inches tall and is equipped with a 14mm female joint and a 14mm male quartz banger with a thick bottom for excellent heat retention.

The Recycler pipe design ensures that all your hits are smoothly satisfying, and the angled mouthpiece makes taking your hits comfortable, even when you're kicked back on the couch. Plus, the extra recycling tube on the exterior provides you with a good grip and allows you to use the rig with just one hand.

To make sure all your material is vaporized without leaving any waste behind, the Mini Chug comes with a matching bubble vortex carb cap and a ruby red terp pearl. And, it fits easily into your favorite backpack or bag, so you can take it anywhere you please! 🤩


Female Joint


Joint Angle

Borosilicate Glass




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