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Pulsar Elegance Gravity Fed Recycler

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$ 145.99
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🤩 Elevate Your Dabbing Experience! 🤩

  • 🤩 Elevate Your Dabbing Experience! 🤩
  • 9.5" tall Pulsar Elegance Recycler
  • 14mm female oil rig & quartz banger
  • Disc perc & conical base for stability
  • Optimal filtration for smooth rips
  • Colors vary - get yours today!

Experience dabbing like never before with the Pulsar Elegance!

Introducing the Pulsar Elegance Gravity Fed Recycler! 🤩 This unique hourglass-shaped rig is the perfect addition to any collection. Its colored tubes and funnels provide optimal filtration and the conical base ensures stability when you're loading or not using the rig.

This rig stands 9.5 inches tall and features a 14mm female oil rig with a disc percolator. To make this deal even sweeter, it also comes with a matching 14.5mm male quartz banger.

The Pulsar Elegance Gravity Fed Recycler is perfect for those who want to take their dabbing experience to the next level. With its unique design and superior function, this rig is sure to please.

So don't wait! Get your Pulsar Elegance Gravity Fed Recycler today and experience dabbing like never before! 🤩


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