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Pulsar Bubble Energy Water Pipe | 7" | 14mm F

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Pulsar Bubble Energy Water Pipe! 🌬️

  • 7" borosilicate glass
  • Bubble energy matrix design
  • 19mm downstem diffuser w/ 14mm joint
  • Matching 14mm male herb slide
  • Colors vary
  • Smooth hits every time 🌬️💨
  • Perfect for any smoking enthusiast 🚬
  • High-quality and built to last 🔥

Experience the smoothest hits with our bubble energy water pipe.

Introducing the Pulsar Bubble Energy Water Pipe, the perfect addition to any smoker's collection. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this 7 inch tall water pipe is built to last. The unique bubble energy matrix design not only looks cool, but also helps to filter and cool your smoke for a smoother hit.

This water pipe comes complete with a 19mm downstem diffuser with a 14mm joint, ensuring maximum filtration and airflow. The matching 14mm male herb slide is the perfect size for packing your favorite herbs.

Colors vary, so you'll always have a surprise waiting for you when you order. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, the Pulsar Bubble Energy Water Pipe is a must-have for any smoking enthusiast. Don't miss out on this stylish and functional piece.





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