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Pulsar APX Wax and Volt Bubbler Attachment

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$ 22.99
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Upgrade Your Vape Pen with the Pulsar APX Bubbler Attachment!

  • 🤩Transform your vape pen into a powerful portable rig
    💧Smoothest rips with water filtration & percolation
    💪Durable boro glass construction
    💦Spill-resistant design
    🔥Works with APX Wax & Volt
    🔌Vaporizer accessory

Smooth, Spill-Proof Rips with the Pulsar APX Bubbler!

Take your wax vaping experience to the next level with the Pulsar APX Wax and Volt Bubbler Attachment! This 4-inch tall boro glass attachment is designed to transform your APX Wax or Volt vaporizer into a powerful portable rig. Enjoy the smoothest rips possible with water filtration and percolation provided by this perfectly designed Bubbler attachment.

The Bubbler cools and filters the vapor you inhale so your seshes are smoother and more comfortable. Plus, you can set the attachment on its side or carry it with you without worrying about water spillage thanks to its spill-proof design. This Bubbler allows you to take much bigger hits because of water filtration, so step up your vaping game and get yours today! 🤩



Borosilicate Glass


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Adan R.
Awesome bubbler

This pared with the quartz atomizer is the best for smooth hits.

Addison L.
Lil bub

Works great make sure ya dont over fill though just did that for the first time and it dripped into the bowl inside after only one hit n then tasted like bong water after that and had to take it apart n clean it good wasted a couple good rips but the taste overall is better having the bub on there definitely smoother and can use it more than once rather than the og piece gets hot quick…new coils soon not sure if i wanna try the open coils or stick with the little bowl/cups

works great

very good product works great

An absolute must have!!!

Takes my APX Volt V3 to a while other level. I already lived this rig anyway, but with the bubbler attachment, it goes from great to amazing!!

lots of fun

awesome little bubbler :)

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