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Experience intense flavor and effects with the Puffco Peak Vaporizer!

The Puffco Peak is a portable e-rig extracting intense flavor and effects from concentrates with intelligent temperature adjustment, 4 optimized heat settings, a high-grade ceramic bowl, and a hand-blown borosilicate glass water pipe attachment. As the first ever smart rig, Puffco Peak automatically calibrates heating if your bowl is currently hot, ensuring consistent vaporization during sessions. The design is completely wireless to enable semi-portability. Merging powerful vapor production, advanced settings, and intuitive controls into one compact design, the Puffco Peak marks the arrival of the next generation of erigs.

Designed for maximum vapor production, Puffco Peak is equipped with a removable bowl constructed from high grade 100% ceramic. Extremely heat resistant, the bowl extracts intense flavor from concentrates. Enjoy low temp dabs every session. The ceramic also boasts longer heat retention, ensuring shorter wait time between heat ups. Puffco uses the finest medical-grade ceramic in their Peak vaporizer. The resulting vapor is immensely comfortable, flavor-rich, and aromatic. You can remove the bowl for easy cleaning or replacement, ensuring long-lasting performance.

4 Optimized Heat Settings

Borosilicate Water Pipe Attachment

High Grade Ceramic Bowl

Intelligent Heat Calibration

LED Light Band

Vibration Notifications

What's in the Puffco Peak Box

Included with your Peak Purchase

Experience the Puffco Peak E-Rig

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

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Daly B.
Overpriced Junk

My original peak did not work out of the box when I purchased it in January, the retailer exchanged it for a new one. Within a week or two the base malfunctioned, there were days between each email response and it took around a month to receive my replacement. As soon as I got my replacement it wouldn't work so I had to buy a $50 atomizer. Now within one full charge my third base has malfunctioned. As expected my email from almost a week ago has gone unanswered. I am now over $350 in for a product that I have barely even gotten to use. Even when it does work I would prefer a traditional rig over this 9 times out of 10. Only gave 2 stars because the portability.

Brandon B.
I like it, but it’s got issues

I took a leap and bought the Peak after two people recommended them to me. I did zero research until after I bought it...and then I started to worry about atomizer issues and other things people have experienced. I ordered an extra atomizer just in case and it’s been fine. I’ll use one and when it gets dirty, I swap in a new one while I’m cleaning the old one Works great. My biggest gripe is lining up the threads properly to insert the atomizer is stupid difficult and one time took me an hour. I don’t know why the threads don’t line up each time and wish that were easier and it would be perfect.

Dave S.
I love this vape!!!

Puffco makes the dankest vape ever!! The design, function, and ease of use is like no other. Price is high but you get what you pay for.

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