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OCB Bamboo Rolling Papers with Tips - 24 Pack

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Earth-Friendly Smoking w/ OCB Bamboo 🌿

  • 24 piece display
  • 32/50 leaves per pack
  • Bamboo paper, unbleached
  • Slow-burning, Arabic gum seal
  • Includes paper tips
  • Slim/1 1/4 inch sizes
  • Enjoy guilt-free smoking! 🔥
Title: 1 1/4

Enjoy guilt-free smoking with OCB Bamboo Rolling Papers!

If you're looking for a clean and earth-friendly smoking experience, then OCB Bamboo Rolling Papers are the perfect choice! Made with responsibly harvested bamboo, these papers contain no artificial dyes, bleach or chlorine. The papers use natural Arabic gum for sealing your rolls and give you a slow and consistent burn. Plus, each pack includes paper tips, so you have everything you need to roll in a single, pocket-friendly package.

The OCB Bamboo Rolling Paper display comes with 24 booklets in either a 1 1/4 inch size with 50 leaves per booklet, or the Slim size with 32 leaves per booklet. With a slow-burning, unbleached paper and natural Arabic gum, these papers are the perfect choice for an environmentally conscious smoker.


  • 24 piece display
  • 32 per slim pack/50 per 1 1/4 pack
  • Made with bamboo paper
  • Unbleached
  • Slow-burning
  • Includes paper tips
  • Slim size or 1 1/4 inch papers
  • Arabic gum

For a clean, slow-burning smoking experience that is also kind to the environment, choose OCB Bamboo Rolling Papers. With 24 booklets in a single display, you can choose between a 1 1/4 inch size with 50 leaves or the Slim size with 32 leaves per booklet. Get your display today and enjoy a guilt-free smoking experience! 🌿

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