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MAV Glass Mav - 18'' Redondo Pyramid Perc Beaker Bong

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🔥MAV Glass Redondo Pyramid Beaker: Bubble Stacking Beast!🔥

  • 18" tall 5mm thick borosilicate glass
  • Fixed 18mm F joint & matching glass bowl
  • 3-pinch ice catch & rolled mouthpiece
  • Clear & opaque colored glass & pyramid perc
  • Ice catcher & splashguard for premium setup!
Color: Black Slime

Ride the Wave of Performance with the Mav Glass Redondo Pyramid Beaker

A Bong Out of The Styx

I see a new Bong in your future.

The super-tall Redondo Pyramid Beaker from Mav Glass towers tall in both looks and performance. It features layers of clear and opaque colored glass and inner pyramid perc that's a bubble stacking beast!

Made of super thick 5mm borosilicate glass, this 18€ tall Bongs'>beaker Bong features a fixed 18mm F joint with a matching glass bowl and a 5.1€ wide base. There€™s also a 3-pinch ice catch and rolled mouthpiece. 

The Mav Glass Redondo Pyramid Beaker rides a powerful wave of looks and performance. Totally bud up your gear with dope smoking accessories, from herb grinders to smell-proof bags, for a premium setup!





Joint Angle

45 Degrees



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