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Smooth Puffin' with LA Pipes

These perfectly pulled Gandalf pipes are a form of the classic sherlock pipe. A 10 inch pull allows the smoke to cool before it reaches your mouth. The double marble feel allow the pipe to sit nice and flat on at table. A deep bowl and a carb make for a great group session pipe. Puff puff pass homie! In green, black, white, blue, and clear glass, you're be sure to find find the perfect pipe for you. These awesome pipes are handmade in Los Angeles.

  • 10 Inch long
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Handmade in USA
  • Made for dry herbs

Borosilicate Glass


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Doobie H.
Perfect but loooong

Aesthetically pleasing AND a pleasure to smoke, what a combination!
Specs say 11.5" but mine definitely measures 13.5", which results in a very smooth pleasant draw.
This pipe's bowl is sized for one or two, unlike the bottomless pits that other Gandalfs & Sherlocks tend to be.
It's a quality piece, well balanced, thoughtfully designed, elegant and simple.
This one will easily become my primary; my only complaint is having to build a larger stash box, but at least I'll have inspiration.
Rating portability/durability as "good" simply as a matter of practicality; given that it's a 13.5" piece of glass, it could be much worse.

Barry T.
Gandalf pipe

The pipe is excellent I love it thank you


Bought 2 of these for Christmas gifts, it’s going to be so hard to give away, they are beautiful!!!!! Pictures don’t do it justice! Thank you🥳

Smoking like it's the 3rd age.

Great pipe. Hits smooth and the smoke isn't hot at all. Great for any collection!

The greatest and handiest pipe ever

I love my Gandalf pipe. I enjoy sitting back and smoking. I have a few hand held small models but with my fractured elbow and shoulder I’m able to reach my mouth without any pain. You’d have to feel it to know how great is. The longer stem and the bigger bowl- it’s terrific. It’s not as easily concealed being it’s long but not as much of that is needed anymore.

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