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Smoke with Style - GRAV's Exclusive Small Wide Base Water Pipe

Introducing the GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe - Smoke With Clear Accents! This beautiful pipe is a exclusive and is a variant of our beloved GRAV Wide-Based Water Pipe. It has all of the same features of its original like the wide conical fission perc that diffuses smoke through water and the narrow neck that prevents splash-back. The pipe stands 8" tall and has a 14mm female joint. It comes with a 14mm cup bowl. So don't wait any longer, add this gorgeous pipe to your collection today!

    45 Degrees

    Joint Angle

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Caitlyn W
    Love it!!

    This was my first time dropping more money on a nicer piece. This was absolutely worth it, such a hit at parties and looks so nice in the window. Hits nice, the perk is cool, I found you can tilt the bong so the perk is covered so there's more room for smoke. Looks exactly like a mini space ship, would buy more from Grav in the future : )

    John F
    Incredibly satisfai h


    Amanda J
    Just a heads up...

    Just a heads up that, in person, the smoke color is darker and grayer than the photos. Besides that, it’s a great design.

    Brent D

    Beautiful piece and it works great definitely worth the purchase

    Margaret P
    10/10 would recommend

    Amazing product!

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