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Smoke with Style: GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe

Looking for a small, sleek water pipe that packs a punch? Look no further than the GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe. This pipe is made of high-quality glass with black accents that give it an edgy, modern look. The wide base provides stability and makes it easy to hold, while the conical six-hole fission perc creates a satisfying glug when you pull. Whether you’re looking for a new everyday pipe or a show-stopper for your next smoke sesh, the GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe is a must-have.




Smoke Grey







Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Elizabeth M
Gifted this to myself

I was hesitant because I usually go for a hand pipe or preroll, but have been wanting to venture out for a bit now... This is not only beautiful, but sturdy and a delight. Very smooth, and I am excited to have this for a long while. Included bowl is totally fine, but based on another review, I will most likely replace with the octobowl.

Darrell B
Fantastic pipe for a great price!!!!!

I just bought this because I continue to break parts on my STAX inline and I wanted something easier to travel with. It hits incredibly hard and is very smooth without ice. This is why I buy here!

Brian H
Great little piece

Perfect size, but doesn’t lack quality of the hit. First one showed up with some cracked glass inside the bong, reached out to customer service and a new one was at my doorstep within two days. very happy with the experience and this pipe.

Brittani J

This is my first smoking piece ever (dry-verb vaped exclusively before) and after trying a water pipe at a party, I had to get one myself because the high was great and very different. After some research I settled on this one and glad I did. Ordered Friday morning and had it in my hands Sunday morning which was crazy fast. Also it’s a beautiful piece! Can’t wait to spend my Sunday practicing my t... Read more

Kittie P
Absolute Stunner

I bought this piece for myself after wanting it for over a year- and she's gorgeous. This is the kind of piece that can be decor. Transparent black glass is so underrated, and I love that grav carries as much of it as they do!

I only recently noticed after a couple months that the perc slits are only on the side facing toward you, so you can actually hold the entire body of the piece at a 45° ... Read more

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