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Smooth, Stealthy Hits with the GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe

The GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe is the perfect addition to any smoker's collection. The 8" tall pipe is made on 32mm tubing and features a wide conical fission perc that diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent damage. The narrow tube leading to the mouthpiece prevents splashback, making it perfect for those stealthy hits. The wide-based water pipe comes ready to use with a 14mm GRAV Cup Bowl and functions best with approximately 1" of water. So don't wait any longer, add the GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe to your cart today!

45 Degrees

Joint Angle

Borosilicate Glass


Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Robert W
Star of the show

High functioning stoner that keeps it simple, the wide bottom grav bong took the place of small glass bubbler I’ve used for years. Cooler smoke bigger hits less hack beautiful piece very happy ciao

Joseph A
Best little toker ever

Hands down the best little bong on the market it’s just to perfect no complaints! My father in law purchased one and I hit it at his house and I went home and ordered one myself no questions asked!

Brett T
Very well crafted

Grav always delivers with SOLID glass work and design. Hits hard AF. Really like the design of the bowl, but i sometimes burn myself forgetting to grab it below the line.

Just do it!

The best water pipe I've ever experienced...

Robert K
Great experience!

I have to say the best customer service I've encountered in a long time. There was a little snafu with my first time customer 10% discount. Rudi, responded quickly, and the issue was resolved just as quickly. I've got two Sherlocks, big and small, and now a wide base water pipe. Just received the water pipe a couple days ago and it's fantastic. I'll be buying all my glass from grav in the future. ... Read more

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